Software That Leverages Artificial Intelligence To Allow Users To Surf Windows

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A Growing Minority of People Are Blind or Visually Impaired

There are around 43 million people in the world living with blindness, according to one estimate, with this number projected climb to 60 million by 2050. Our application seeks to remedy this.

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Like Siri - but done right

Navigate With Just Your Voice

Retriever allows users with visual impairment or blindness to use certain aspects of their computer just with their voice.

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    A Marriage of Artificial Intelligence Platforms

    We use a combination of modern AI technologies in order to make Retriever a more personable and intelligent navigator in your OS.

    • ElevenLabs' Voice Synthesis
    • Google's PaLm 2
    • OpenAI's Whisper

    Your Personal Golden Retriever

    Not as fluffy or cute — but this one can send emails.


    Automate your email activities and manage your inbox. Draft, send, and reply to emails effortlessly.

    Web Browser

    Browse the web seamlessly with just your voice. Make simple Google prompts or web searches.

    File Explorer

    Retriever allows you to use File Explorer to Navigate through your files and folders like never before.


    Access and personalize your computer's settings. Dive into your system's settings to make necessary changes with just your voice.

    Adjust Volume

    Regulate your device's audio settings with just your voice, whether that's increasing volume, decreasing volume, or muting entirely.

    Run Applications

    Launch your applications effortlessly. Our simply prompt Retriever with a windows recognizable application, and it can launch it.

    Brought To You By Us.

    Students Coding To Make Real Change

    Testimonial 01
    — We started Retriever AI because we saw a growing need for a tool like this, and naturally, we turned to all the powerful AI models today's tech industry had. It was a match made in heaven.
    Testimonial 02
    — We didn't just set out to create another software; we aimed to redefine the boundaries of accessibility. Retriever is more than a tool; it's a commitment to ensuring that everyone, regardless of their physical abilities, can fully engage with today's digital world.
    Jacob Ryabinky - Co-Founder of RetrieverAI
    Testimonial 04
    — My experiences playing live music for the visually impaired made me realize something had to be done to provide them with equal opportunity. This thought paired with today's LLMs and Text-To-Speech tools is what allowed RetrieverAI to come to life.

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